Confidential data is everywhere within your enterprise. Valuable PCI, Privacy related (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), and Financial data, stored and accessed within single controlled database repository, is being extracted and saved to a myriad of unstructured file formats and scattered across various file systems. Uncertainty as to the whereabouts of confidential data presents a major data security challenge. In order to protect confidential data you require an inventory of the file and database instances in which confidential data exists and to whom it is available.

dbDataFinder quickly scans the enterprise to pinpoint sources of confidential data as well as additional subsets, copies, and exports of that data. dbDataFinder identifies files and databases containing:


dbDataFinder replaces time consuming and error prone efforts to identify your organization’s sensitive information within both structured and unstuctured data stores such as:


  • Spreadsheets
  • Access databases
  • Document and files (Over 200 file types)
  • Oracle, SQL, DB2, Sybase RDBMS

Regain control over your confidential data and protect your business. Try dbDataFinder today.







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